Technical Articles about Mineral Exploration

Principles of Platinum Group of Elements and their exploration – Dr.N.P.Nathan, former Dy.D.G., GSI
Exploration techniques for PGEs – Dr. N.P.Nathan

Techniques of exploring for Platinum Group of Elements (PGE) in mafic and ultramafic complexes; concepts and genetic aspects; extraordinary properties and uses of PGEs; PGE market and price trends; Indian demand and supply of PGEs; major PGE deposits and mines around the world; geological associations of platinum group minerals (PGM); PGM and Ni-Cu associations; different types of PGE deposits – orthomagmatic, hydrothermal and alluvial; petrological properties and charecterization of different types PGE deposits; petrological zonation of mineralization; layered igneous complexes and their importance for PGE exploration; common PGE minerals; examples from Bushveld, and Norilsk; understanding the mineralization controls and developing aproppriate PGE exploration strategies

Case study: Exploration of Sittampundi PGM complex – Dr.N.P.Nathan, former Dy.D.G., GSI
Story of PGE discovery in Sittampundi complex – Dr.N.P.Nathan

Details of exploration strategy, techniques used and the discovery of PGE mineralization in the Sittampundi layered complex in Tamilnadu. Narrated by Dr.N.P.Nathan who has in depth knowledge and is a well known authority on this subject.

Case study – Exploration of Tummulapalli Uranium Deposit, AP – Pramod Kumar, former Addl Director, AMD

Case Study: Tummulapalle carbonate hosted Uranium Deposit – by Mr Pramod Kumar, former Addl Director, AMD

Pramod Kumar, former Addl Director, AMD narrates the occurrence and distribution of Uranium in India and describes the story of discovery of Tummulapalle, a large carbonate hosted Uranium deposit discovered by the AMD. He explains what sets apart Tummulapalle Uranium Deposit and why is this discovery a very important event in the exploration history.Descovery of this deposit teaches us to be open minded and focus on basic data and grassroots geological interpretation and not depend on older models. Carbonate hosted Uranium also created metallurgical challenge for AMD and they resolved this by developing the alkaline route for beneficiation. A must watch video for those looking to undertand the nuances of Uranium exploration.


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Morocco: The rising star of African Mining

by Dr. Amit Tripathi As soon as one mentions Morocco in the mining world, phosphate comes to mind. True, Morocco is one of world’s leading producers of high-quality phosphate. It has world’s largest phosphate resource base and produces about 15% of world’s supply. Phosphate exports are Morocco’s largest forex earner along with tourism. Large part…

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