Morocco: The rising star of African Mining

by Dr. Amit Tripathi As soon as one mentions Morocco in the mining world, phosphate comes to mind. True, Morocco is one of world’s leading producers of high-quality phosphate. It has world’s largest phosphate resource base and produces about 15% of world’s supply. Phosphate exports are Morocco’s largest forex earner along with tourism. Large partContinue reading “Morocco: The rising star of African Mining”

Famous Personalities – Unknown Geologists -1

Because of his degree in medicine, Voysey was never promoted, (much the same way as D.N.Wadia was never promoted in GSI in his entire service as he had no degree in geology). Voysey prepared the first geological map in India, of an area around Hyderabad and later an entire geological map of India –though it was a sketch map only with barely 4/5 types of rocks depicted on it. This was in 1821! that is much before the establishment of GSI (1851)

Meet Charles Devenish – Explorer and Global Wanderer

After the Second World War, Charles Devenish set out on foot from France and Walked all the way to Kolkata!! He fell in love with India and kept of returning many many times before finally settling in Bangalore in 1994. He founded India’s first Exploration Companies Deccan Gold and Geomysore Services. In this video interviewContinue reading “Meet Charles Devenish – Explorer and Global Wanderer”