In my dream-1…mineral policy creates a vibrant mineral exploration start-up ecosystem

Our current mineral policy has almost eliminated entry barriers for mineral exploration entrepreneurs. Mineral exploration start-ups and even an enterprising geologist with a bright idea can now secure a Composite License (CL). The CL includes exploration and mining rights and is applied online at the Ministry of Mines website. Environmentally sensitive and strategically important areasContinue reading “In my dream-1…mineral policy creates a vibrant mineral exploration start-up ecosystem”

In my dream-2…mineral policy creates exploration service industries

Exploration boom crated due to the excellent mineral policy has caused a huge demand of geologists, geophysicists, drilling engineers, drill rig manufacturers and analytical laboratories. This is reminiscent of the exploration boom of 2004-2008, much of which bypassed India. Universities are struggling to keep up with the demand and students are getting job offers evenContinue reading “In my dream-2…mineral policy creates exploration service industries”

In my dream-3…mineral policy policy brings rapid rural industrialization

Till a few years back rural industrialization was a pipe dream all one could think of were were small food processing units. But today, with reforms in mineral policy, mineral exploration and mining are leading this rapid rural industrialization. Recent changes to the mineral policy, has created a tectonic shift in India’s standing in globalContinue reading “In my dream-3…mineral policy policy brings rapid rural industrialization”

In my dream-4…mineral policy creates major boom in stock market

Policy that facilitates exploration start-ups and a vibrant stock market is fueling this explosive growth. Joint venture between Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) has started a new stock exchange especially for start-ups.“The Indian Exchange for Ventures Stocks” (THIEVS) now facilitates domestic mineral exploration companies to list on this special exchange whichContinue reading “In my dream-4…mineral policy creates major boom in stock market”

In my dream-5…mineral policy creates gold mines

Gold mining firms has been the biggest beneficiaries of the policy reforms. The gold production has jumped from the 2 tonnes / year when the policy reforms started to about 80 tonnes / year in the last financial. This has resulted in direct import savings of about $5 billion. Due to the import, tax savingsContinue reading “In my dream-5…mineral policy creates gold mines”

In my dream-6…mineral policy makes India world’s electric vehicle manufacturing destination

Recently established “Rare Earth International” is consortium between the major Indian producers of mineral sands V V Minerals, Toyota Motors of Japan and Less Known Metals of UK. This consortium had approached the government with a proposal to secure monazite as byproduct from the garnet, ilmentite and zircon mining of mineral sands in Andhra PradeshContinue reading “In my dream-6…mineral policy makes India world’s electric vehicle manufacturing destination”

Unlocking explosive growth with rural employment and rapid industrialization

The return of urban labor force to the rural hinterland in the aftermath of the COVID 19 pandemic has created a major societal disruption in the rural India. If mismanaged it can leave long term socioeconomic scars with unimaginable consequences. However, with ingenuity and positive thinking it may be possible to turn this liability intoContinue reading “Unlocking explosive growth with rural employment and rapid industrialization”

Mineral Exploration, a startup ecosystem

Mineral exploration in India is treated as a subset of the mining industry. In tech parlance this will the equivalent of framing laws for Google, Microsoft, TCS, Infosys and expecting the one man startup to match these giants in terms of infrastructure, capacity and financing. Such a policy would kill the tech startups before theyContinue reading “Mineral Exploration, a startup ecosystem”

White paper inputs for mineral exploration policy

Exploration industry is distinct from the mining industry and the regulatory requirements for the exploration industry is different from the mining industry. Exploration is a separate standalone business and is a profit center worldwide in its own right. Exploration is not a subset of the mining industry. Worldwide standalone exploration is about a $30 billionContinue reading “White paper inputs for mineral exploration policy”

Mineral Exploration Business is the way forward

Most Private Entrepreneurs, Geologists, Mining Engineers and also PSUs strongly believe that the introduction of auctioning even for grant of exploration license (CL=PL cum ML) has taken away the rights of individuals and companies to select potential mineral-bearing areas and file applications. Auctioning has not only prevented Resource Maximization & Utilization but also heavily reducedContinue reading “Mineral Exploration Business is the way forward”