2 thoughts on “Q: What is the profession of mineral exploration?

  1. The profession of mineral exploration is to search the minerals and rocks that can yield elements of use for mankind, the simple example being coal, oil,copper, iron gold,diamond and so on..It is a continuous process from the “First Luck” to “Finish line” that is when the initial discovery of any potential ore rock is made and till the time it is mined out.
    An exploration geologist employs all techniques of survey, exploration methods,sampling,evaluation drilling, laboratory analysis, assessing the technology and economic viability of the deposit ,pilot scale hydro metallurgy(recovery and processing), resource evaluation, classification of mineral wealth and finally making a feasibility report. The mineral exploration is replete with risk, surprises, thrill, big loss or windfall profit.Hence very exciting profession.


  2. Yes Sir. Well explained. At the same time one has to bear in mind that whether he himself ( Exploration Geologist) will be involved in the whole of a project starting from the initial prospecting till the mineral/ore is being excavated commercially. So this, the profession has got many stages of exploration, and in what stage one is entering into that project and up to which stage he can take the project by shouldering the responsibilities with the help of many team members to achieve the target. One should have self-interest and dedication to do this profession and an empty number of chances are there to learn and build his/ her carrier in all academic and economic aspects of Geology. Thank you, with regards.


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