One thought on “Q: What type of terrain should be looked into for exploration of lithium mineral resource?

  1. Lithium has very useful application in modern world like hybrid cars,solar panels,turbine motors,batteries, maglev (magnets). Hence in high demand. Its resources are scarce. Sources of lithium are Brine lake deposits usually called SALARS in Chile, Bolivia,Argentina,Australia and to lesser extent in USA. India has meager resources of lithium–114100 tonnes.Our main resources can be looked in the peninsular region ….pegmatites belts of Rajasthan, Bihar,LCT (Lithium-cesium-tantalum) belt of Bastar pegmatites, salt lake brines of Rajasthan, Tibbetan pleateau and Aksai chin areas can also be the potential sources for exploration. Lepidolite,Zinwaldite, Illite-smectite clays are the source minerals but spodumene is most important as the recovery from this is better and environment friendly. Mandya district of Karnataka (Marlagalla deposit) is important deposit of spodumene (14100 tonnes). Asian countries mostly import it from Australia.


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