Q: How to deal with depleting mineral deposits?

A: by Dr. M.K. Devarajan, Geovale

The only way to deal with is to conserve and explore more.

A: by Sri Pramod Kumar, AMD

Conserve, recycle, replace… selectivity and sensitivity enhancement….. see how China gained in gold exploration…. cut off even at ppb level…… we still stuck up at ppm level

A: by Sri Om Prakash Somani, MSPL

The recycling of metals is the modest way to cope with depleting mineral resources to some extent.


One thought on “Q: How to deal with depleting mineral deposits?

  1. on behalf of Saurabh Priyadarshi, GeoExplorers
    “…Quite Elementary dear Geologist.Explore. explore. Explore..Explore More . Look beyond the crust,below the crust.Look at subterreneal deposits.Look at aesteroids.Look at lunar and Maritian geology.

    Dont limit your thoughts and knowledge to
    what you see
    what you hear
    what you are told
    believing what professional say
    extant theories and practices
    reading antiquated policies

    Start thining Out of the Box.


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